Packing for Blogshop

I’m all packed for Blogshop in Toronto and heading north this afternoon, yay! … Well, east, then north, then west, then north again. Oh if only there were a bridge across Lake Erie! But either way, it’s an easy drive from Cleveland and I’m really excited to be on my way. Toronto is one of my favorite places, and after having lived in Ottawa for two years for grad school, it always feels a little bit like going “home.” Plus, this time I get to learn photoshop. Eek. My nemesis photoshop. I am looking forward this weekend to finally, hopefully, becoming friends with photoshop once and for all. So I have my photoshop free trial loaded on my laptop, my new case, my camera, my phone, my notebook, my passport, and a bottle of nailpolish for just in case. Here I go! Wish me luck!

{ photo by Andy }
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