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Last weekend I made the 5 (or, um, 7) hour drive to Toronto to take blogshop, photoshop for bloggers. Taught by graphic designer Bri Emery of designlovefest and photographer Angela Kohler of Angela+Ithyle, this class is basically 2 days of intensive photoshop training. And it’s seriously intense. At the end of the day one, my mind was completely blown and I was so exhausted. All I wanted to do was eat a burrito and think about nothing … but I was also so so so excited to go back for day two! I learned more than I can imagine and had so much fun doing it.
But blogshop isn’t all just about staring at a computer… There’s a goodie bag! I wore the little red heart pin in the lower right corner almost every day last week. I love it so much. 

What other photoshop class also has gorgeous flowers on every table?! And mimosas?!

If blogshop comes to your town, DO IT!! What Bri and Angela do for photoshop is way more than just teaching shortcuts. I left the class feeling inspired, empowered and incredibly excited to try new things. Plus, Angela and Bri are super nice!

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