Room of the week: gallery wall

I really love gallery walls — completely filling a wall with a collection of art, similar to an art gallery. I especially love when more traditional prints, canvases and photographs are mixed in with completely random, nontraditional things like scissors, which is what makes this wall in the Chicago home of artists Chad Kouri and Margot Harrington pure perfection. The scissors really push an already well-done collection into something fabulous and unexpected (and a little dangerous?!). 

The key to a successful gallery wall is to unify items by either color or theme. In this case, you can see there’s a range of complementary greens on the walls as well as the mismatched chairs. A good gallery wall should look collected over time instead of bought all in one place, and it should make you want to stop and look. Aren’t you curious about this one? I want to hang out with these people who would put scissors on the wall. I love it.
Speaking of gallery walls, there are 17 paintings of a goat — the same goat — on Craigslist in NY. I said gallery walls shouldn’t come from one place… but this is a pretty awesome exception. So very, very awesome.
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