Room of the week: The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

Last week when I went to blogshop in Toronto, I stayed at The Gladstone Hotel. I loved it! The Gladstone is the oldest continually operating hotel in Toronto, but it’s fun and modern and pretty much just makes you feel cooler for staying there. When you book a room at The Gladstone, you actually choose which one you want. Each of the 37 rooms has been designed by a different artist, so they are all crazy different — from rooms covered in peacocks to Teen Beat posters to the one I chose, the Sugarbush Room, designed by Heidi Earnshaw. It’s lots of fun to look through the available rooms and decide where you want to spend your vacation. Which one would you pick?
I love the ceramic flowers on the wall above the bed and the maple syrup buckets converted to bedside pendant lights.
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{ all photos by Kerry }

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