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I love looking at the blogs of photographers. I didn’t even realize that I follow so many until I sat down to write these posts and pick three of my favorites to share with you. While I don’t know a thing about photography and I can’t tell what is a “good photo” or when the light is right or the composition is perfect or any of that, I know what looks “pretty” to me, and that’s what makes me so happy. Looking at a beautiful photograph just makes my heart sing, which is super corny but absolutely true. I like to follow photographers who have very different styles because life is just a little more interesting — and a lot more pretty — that way.

Alicia Bock. I’ve talked before about how much I absolutely love her work. We went to college together. Random fact. {photo}
B for Bonnie. The travel photos on Bonnie Tsang’s blog are my favorite. She also has a fantastic Instagram that you should follow. {photo}
Angela+Ithyle. So good. So so so good. Do I need to say anything else? How about random fact: Angela taught me photoshop. Also, she loves photobooths just like me; she owns three. I own zero and need to remedy that asap. {photo}
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