How to pack for a long vacation

As I started to think about packing for our two-week honeymoon in Italy, all I could think was “what the heck am I going to wear for TWO WEEKS??!!” I’m used to packing for a long weekend, maybe a week max, but two weeks? That’s tough. I’m not the kind of girl who wants to take three suitcases and ten pairs of shoes on vacation (well, I do, but only if I had my own butlers to carry it all!). I like to keep things simple. So I went back to my tried-and-true packing strategy: pack smart, pack neutral, and pack to mix and match. 
I settled on a palette of grey, black and white with pops of yellow. By sticking to one theme, I don’t have to worry about also packing a pair of brown shoes or pink sweater, and a few items in yellow keep me from getting too bored. For the most part everything goes with everything, so the new little grey sweatshirt dress that I love can be paired with grey polka dot tennies one day for a walking tour, and the next can be paired with black flats, tights and a yellow cardigan for a nice dinner. 
skinny jean — Gap
shirts — Old Navy
grey polka dot Converse — last year
black Tom’s ballet flats — Nordstrom
grey cardigan — J Crew (with heart patches added by me — tutorial soon!)
yellow cardigan — Forever21
yellow cap-toe flats — Old Navy
black dress — Forever21 (forever ago)
grey sweatshirt dress — Gap (best dress ever!)
striped sweater dress — Missoni for Target last year

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2 thoughts on “How to pack for a long vacation

  1. Have a great honeymoon – enjoy Italy! I love the idea of picking one palette for a trip. Never thought of that but it makes things so much simpler!

  2. Cute dresses! Packing light is the way to go, plus running out of clothes is a great excuse to go shopping. I can’t wait to see pictures when you guys get back, have fun!

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