Our garage is coming down!

Oh my goodness. The guys showed up this morning to tear down our garage. After months and months and months of waiting and dealing with the city over soooo much red tape, it’s finally coming down! I took this sneaky photo from our attic window through the fog. This is literally only 20 minutes after they arrived.

I can’t decide if I want to laugh or cry, to be honest. I’m so happy that it’s finally happening, but it’s definitely sad to see an old historic structure have to go. I wish it could have been saved.
On a side note, I want to apologize in advance for my lack of posting over the next three weeks. First the garage is happening, and it is REALLY distracting (a dumpster the size of the Eiffel Tower just went past my second floor office window). Then at the end of the week we leave for three days in NYC… followed by two weeks in Italy… so yeah, it’s a little crazy around here right now.  
I have a few posts lined up for while I’m gone, and I’ll try to update in Italy when I have access to WiFi. So definitely keep checking back!!

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