Shave and a haircut

Aren’t haircuts the best? I love going to the salon. Andy and I both got haircuts recently.

He looks so clean cut! I wish he would have taken an after-after photo because he shaved into just a mustache and declared, “I WANT TO TAKE THE MUSTACHE BACK FROM HIPSTERS!”
Then the next morning he shaved it off completely. But he really showed those hipsters for that one night. Yes, he did.
Here we are standing outside of Happy Dog looking nothing at all like hipsters who stand outside of Happy Dog. (I mostly just look like a lunatic.)
Um. Anyway. 
So as you know, I was debating about getting bangs again… and I did! I feel so much more like me and I love love love them. I also went a few shades darker, which is fun for fall. 
And knowing me, I’ll dye it darker and darker, until it gets to be pitch black and super long, and then I’ll get sick of it and will cut it all off short and dye it blonde. Like this, which I love, because Twiggy is amazing and so is her hair. As well as this furry thing she’s wearing. 
{Twiggy photo from here + I added the pink to her barrette. All other photos by Kerry+Andy}
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