The easiest pumpkin decorating DIY

I knew I wanted to keep decorations simple this year for Halloween, but simple doesn’t mean boring. I came up with the easiest plan ever, and it might actually be my favorite display so far!

When we went to the pumpkin patch last weekend, I picked up about 10 small-to-medium pumpkins and then painted them using a flat white spray paint from Home Depot. I gave them two good coats of paint with about an hour dry time between coats outside in the sun. Since they’re just a temporary display, I didn’t need to worry about painting them perfectly. If there were drips or anything, it’s no big deal, and I didn’t paint the bottoms since no one can see them. I left the pumpkins on the porch overnight just to make sure they were completely dry.

When I brought them inside, I arranged the white pumpkins on our fireplace with a few other pieces to give them varying heights and depths — some books with black and silver covers, an old crate, a couple of silver owls from West Elm, a pitcher with babies breath (from our wedding!), and the (not-so-cute) record player speakers that live on our mantle. I love the way the flat white paint plays against the pops of silver as well as the black mantle and red walls. I call these my ghost pumpkins. I think they turned out so cute, and it couldn’t have been easier!

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