Andy’s Christmas List

My Christmas List strikes a nice balance between a 10-year-old boy and a 30-year-old man.
1. Nintendo Wii U. I put this on a Christmas list because I really have no excuse to spend money on it. But there are some things that make me really want it, most importantly being the fact that on some games, you can transfer the game from your TV to your gamepad controller. That means Kerry can sit next to me and watch CSI: Whatever-it-is-she-watches and I can play the full New Super Mario Bros Wii U on my gamepad. No fighting over the TV! 
2. Circular saw. I have a bunch of projects I want to do this winter / next spring, and I will need a saw. I don’t think a table saw is necessary, so a small circular saw should get the job done.
3. 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid. I don’t really want this. I mean, I do, but there’s no way I’m getting it. Unless Santa is reading this blog. Santa, I’ve been very good this year. Hook me up.
4. Avengers vs X-Men Hardcover. I’ve been catching up on my X-Men comics lately, and recently they fought the Avengers. I fell behind and wasn’t able to buy the single issues, and this hardcover collected edition features supporting stories from other lines. It’s nice to have these big crossover events all collected into one volume.
5. J Crew shirts. I recently told Kerry that I’m sick of all my t-shirts. I used to have this button down shirt that I’d wear all the time, but it’s sort of falling apart. I could use a replacement, and Kerry believes that maybe I should have more than one button down shirt that I like. So I guess I’ll ask for a shirt or two.

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