Feeling thankful

Growing up I never did the huge family Thanksgiving that other people do with aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents. Since my family lived in Alaska, a gazillion miles away from anyone we were related to, every holiday dinner was spent with just me, my parents, and my “Uncle” Jack, an older friend of the family who lived down the street. When we moved to Michigan when I was 13, my grandma started joining us for Thanksgiving, which was nice, but now that my grandma and both of my parents and most likely even Uncle Jack have all passed away, I’m so thankful for my new family. More than anything in the world I am thankful for my wonderful husband Andy on our first married Thanksgiving together, and thankful for his family who always make me feel so welcome. Sometimes I feel a little sad on holidays, but this year I have so much to be happy for. I’m so excited to celebrate many years of Thanksgivings with Andy and start our own family traditions. 

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