Kerry’s Christmas List

1. This teepee for kitties is just too cute. I bet Trixie and Mocha would love to hide from each other in this — or at least fight over it.
2. I love the giant bow on this J Crew sweater, and since black and cream go with everything, it’s also totally practical… right, Andy?!
3. I really need a new pair of headphones… 
4. … because I must listen to Ke$ha’s “Die Young” 50 times a day! (I especially love the acoustic version here and the Becky G. cover here.)
5. I’m trying to learn to take better photos. I bought myself a new camera earlier this year, and a new lens would be great fun to play with. 
6. There are things I have a hard time spending money on for myself, and pjs are one. So it’s about time I get some new pjs, and these ones are so cute!

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