Six months married!

Today is our six-month wedding anniversary. SIX MONTHS!

Every month on our anniversary, we celebrate by going out to a nice dinner. It’s one of my favorite things to do, and it really gives us a chance to stop and be thankful for how happy and lucky we are. This month we actually celebrated our six months a little early, last Thursday. We went to the Velvet Tango Room for the first time (a-maz-ing), had dinner at Soho, and then met up with co-workers for a going away party for my super-wonderful-friend-who-I’ll-miss-terribly, Jen (ok, that part was sad, but fun). Andy and I also had a fabulous four-day weekend where we stayed home, did a few projects around the house, and watched a ridiculous amount of TV. It was perfect.

Happy six months!! And here’s to about a million more!!

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