I’m 30. What Have I Accomplished?

Pretty deep, right? What have any of us accomplished, really?

No but seriously, I had a list of 30 things I was going to try to do before my 30th birthday, and I started the list about 30 days ago. I didn’t finish them all but so what? What’s the fun in finishing everything you do? Sometimes it’s more exciting to leave things open ended.

I’m going to post the list below, and link to the posts where I talked about those things I did accomplish. Then I’ll talk about the stuff I didn’t finish, or the stuff I just finished recently.

  1. Annoy Trixie
  2. Beat a video game
  3. Buy a circular saw
  4. Call a bank about a loan
  5. Eat a burrito
  6. Eat another burrito
  7. Figure out fantasy hockey
  8. Finalize the Pints and Pints stamp
  9. Find an accordion
  10. Get sample colors and carpet for office
  11. Go ice skating
  12. Go see a movie
  13. Go to a new restaurant
  14. Go to a Red Wings game
  15. Go to LA
  16. Go to the Cleveland Acquarium [sic]
  17. Have a Guinness/ice cream float
  18. Have Marotta’s pizza
  19. Karaoke
  20. Make (another) hit YouTube movie
  21. Make a decision about something by flipping a coin
  22. Make an ice cream flavor I haven’t made yet
  23. Make Kerry laugh
  24. Pet Mocha
  25. Ride my bike somewhere
  26. Stay up past midnight
  27. Taste test Graeter’s ice cream in Columbus
  28. Teach Kerry to play a video game
  29. Try a new dinner recipe
  30. Write at least 3 blog posts

Okay, now let’s talk about the ones that aren’t crossed off or aren’t linked.

2. Beat a video game: This was a lofty goal, and made even more lofty by the fact that I picked a really long game to start playing: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Last I checked I’m about 40 hours into this game. I know I’m near the end, and I could sit down and beat it in a few more hours, but there is just so much to explore. There are all these little monsters (they’re called familiars) that you fight, but you can also catch them and train them to fight for you. And you level them up and they get stronger. I have 15 of them now but there are over 200 to collect! It sounds a lot like Pokemon, which I’ve never played, but I keep stopping myself from finishing the story because I want to do all the side stuff too. So this is not accomplished but I put enough time into it to beat most other video games.

11. Go ice skating: This one is a bit of a bummer, but we’ve been so busy lately that we haven’t had the time. We will get around to this though because I really enjoy skating. I can skate on one foot, and … and that’s really it. Kerry is great though.

15. Go to LA: We’re actually in LA right now. So I don’t have a post about it, but it’s done.  I’m sure there will be a post about it soon.

22. Make an ice cream flavor I haven’t made yet: This one bothers me. I actually haven’t made any ice cream in a while and that annoys me. I could say I’ve been busy, but really, I should be making more ice cream. MORE ICE CREAM!

23: Make Kerry laugh: Proof:


28. Teach Kerry to play a video game: Again, just too busy. Plus she doesn’t really like video games. However she did get really into the game Ruzzle for her iPhone. So that sort of counts. We play each other every day.

So that’s it. Now I’m 30. I’m going to keep doing awesome stuff.

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