Friday favorites

Andy’s favorite: 
When I was a sophomore in college, The Postal Service’s Give Up came out. I was a big fan of Death Cab for Cutie at the time, and Give Up was one of those albums that I fluctuated between loving and hating. I loved it when me and all my hip friends were into it. I hated it when a bunch of college dudes would listen to while playing flip cup. And I loved it again after everyone else moved on. I’m so cool like that. I remember many nights where I would fall asleep with the album on. Somehow, it’s now ten years later, and everyone’s favorite radio host Tom Scharpling directed this auditions video. The amount of people in it is pretty awesome, and my two favorites have to be Moby and Weird Al. And even though Kerry refuses to listen to Scharpling’s radio show, even she admitted this was pretty funny. So it must be good.


Kerry’s favorite:
I ordered a pair of shorts this week. Yes, shorts. And flip flops. I don’t care that it’s the first week of March and it snows everyday. I’m dreaming of summer and I’m going to be ready when it comes! And since it’s probably not really going to come as soon as I want, we’re going to the South Carolina shore in May. (Shorts and flip flops from J Crew and J Crew Factory Store — they had a sale!)

My other favorite thing this week is this quote from one of my all-time favorite designers Jonathan Adler, via Covet Garden Blog: “I like orange doors. Everybody should have one. If you don’t have orange doors you are insane.” Love it. Painting a door something crazy is on my to-do list. Coincidentally, my friend Shana let me know this week that Jonathan Adler is going to have a new line at JC Penney soon, so I will have to check that out.

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