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I didn’t ask Kerry for any gifts for my birthday last month, which is out of character for me. I figured a trip to LA was gift enough, and we were spending enough money that I didn’t need a new pair of socks or anything. Apparently, our friends Celeste and PJ didn’t get the message and they bought me Don Cherry’s Hockey Stories and Stuff. For those unfamiliar with Don Cherry, he is a TV personality in Canada. He hosts something called Coach’s Corner, which airs during Hockey Night in Canada, which is sort of like our Monday Night Football. Cherry is over the top, bombastic, and controversial … but he’s got some great stories. He’s been involved with hockey almost his whole life, and he’s seen it all, and he’s got something to say about every aspect of the game. I’m pretty early in the book but I’ve already laughed quite a bit. If you’re even remotely interested in hockey, or a newbie to the hockey culture like me, Don Cherry’s stories are worth the read.

Maybe more impressive than Cherry’s stories, however, are his outfits. Besides being known across Canada for his divisive statements (he often goes on rants that his co-host Ron Maclean has to steer back towards sanity), he sometimes makes an even bigger splash with his suits. I did a quick Google image search of “Don Cherry” and put together the below collage of some of my favorite suits of his.

don cherry

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