Friday Favorites

Andy’s Favorite:
If you’ve been reading, you probably know that I’ve been developing a Burritos and Bubbly comic. I’ll be honest, I was pretty inspired to start it by watching Strip Search over at Penny Arcade. It’s a take on a reality competition show, but it’s a little more relevant to my interests than something like Project Runway (which Kerry loves). Don’t let the name scare you off, Strip Search is actually about finding the next big webcomic … or, at least, giving someone a full-time job doing a webcomic.

It’s fun to watch because I can relate to the contestants much more than I can on most other competition shows. These are my types of people. Shy introverts who have trouble communicating in real life?! How was I not cast for this (besides, you know, the whole only having drawn two comics in my life)? It is kind of funny, though, to see how normal people can be when there isn’t manufactured drama. The show is not teaming people up based on conflicting personalities. The producers aren’t introducing any sort of crazy situation which gets the contestants to start screaming at each other. At least not yet. So at times, in comparison to ego-maniac cooks on Top Chef wielding knives at each other, it can seem a little boring. In the end, though, I’ve really enjoyed it.

Kerry’s Favorite:
Last week I was flipping through the latest issue of Rue Magazine and stumbled upon a photo spread of Tiffany Pratt’s fabulous pink-for-days apartment in Toronto. Tiffany was in my class when I took Blogshop last summer, so it was a lot of fun to see her in a magazine. On Rue Daily, Tiffany also shared some inspiration for a glittery pink spring party, and you certainly can’t go wrong with glitter OR pink in my book (except for the clean up. Glitter sticks to everything!). This really makes me want to throw a party … hey friends, what are you doing this weekend?!?! No, seriously, what are you doing? Because I don’t think we have any plans.

Tiffany Pratt for Rue Magazine

{ Tiffany Pratt for Rue Magazine | photo by Tara McMullen | styled by Tiffany Pratt }
{ check out Tiffany’s home tour in Rue Magazine March/April 2013 }

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