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When I was little I was obsessed with detective stories… Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, Harriet the Spy… I read every one of these books I could get my hands on, but the older Trixie Beldens and Nancy Drews from the ’30s to the ’50s were definitely my favorites (I even named my cat Trixie Belden!). I loved to daydream about driving around River Heights in a blue convertible just like Nancy, always managing to stumble upon something terribly mysterious and way more exciting than my real 10-year-old life.

When I was in 4th or 5th grade I started my own detective agency. I’d take a pad of paper onto the playground and take notes on things I saw. It was very Harriet the Spy. I probably only kept it up for a day or two, but I bet that’s just because I didn’t have the proper outfit. What I needed was a trench coat, some cat-eye sunglasses and a super cute scarf to put over my hair. Nancy Drew always found the bad guy while also managing to stay perfectly stylish, every time.

When I saw this week that Bri at Designlovefest dressed up as “The Detective” for her Benefit Cosmetics dream job photoshoot, I was instantly in love. It’s so perfect. So this is my favorite thing this week. Check out “The Detective” post here and the rest of the dream job series here!

Also, I think I need to buy more scarves.

* If you follow me on twitter (@hellokerryb), you may have seen me link to this last week (when we didn’t get around to posting our Friday Favorites), but you should make sure you check out these photos of Detroit by photographer Bonnie Tsang. I love seeing new and interesting things happening in my former hometown.

{ photo by Angela + Ithyle for Designlovefest and Benefit Cosmetics }

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