Happy Day at the Happy Dog

We celebrated Andy’s mom’s birthday last weekend with tater tots, friends and shuffleboard at Happy Dog.


The menu here is simple: hot dogs, french fries and tots … along with dozens of not-so-simple toppings and sauces. You can choose from the usual (house-made ketchup) to the weird (vegetable chow mein) to the out of this world (alien pickle relish — it’s neon green!).


I think tots are the perfect conduit for dipping sauces, and you can try as many as you want! The chipotle hollandaise is my favorite.


Everyone had such a great time. Happy Dog is a gem, and we’re so lucky to have special places like this in Cleveland.



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One thought on “Happy Day at the Happy Dog

  1. Love the Happy Dog! Perfect birthday venue. I think I had forgotten about the word conduit until reading this post! Great word.

    p.s. This blog is darling! Keep it up!

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