A happy Easter with a side of waffles

Burritos & Bubbly Easter

We woke up Easter morning with grand plans of making ourselves a huge french toast brunch. And then realized our “day-old” bread was actually about a week old and hard as a rock. French toast fail.

We managed to scrape together 3/4 of a cup of flour — just enough to make two waffles — and turned our failure into a win. Because waffles never fail to be super easy and super delicious. We sat on the couch in our pjs and watched The Vampire Diaries while enjoying our unplanned waffle goodness, smothered in syrup and strawberries and bacon…

Burritos & Bubbly Easter

And this is what holidays are all about, friends. I hope you all had a wonderful day, no matter how you celebrated! ♥

Burritos & Bubbly Easter

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