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When Kerry and I started dating she was a pescetarian. This was not easy for me. My diet consists mainly of chicken burritos and cheeseburgers. Over time (as you may recall) Kerry has actually started eating small amounts of meat again. She has mostly stuck to just an occasional piece of bacon, a once-in-a-while hamburger, and an every-now-and-then taco. But one meal she’s really taken a liking to is this shredded pork recipe from Kelsey Nixon.

We’ve shared other Kelsey Nixon recipes on this blog before (read about her delicious Mac and Cheese with Bacon we made), and Kerry and I are both big fans of her show. She really makes cooking easy for people who don’t really know what they’re doing. This slow cooker pork recipe could not get any more user friendly. Take some spices, mix them with some tomato sauce, add three pounds of pork butt (which is the same as pork shoulder but I think saying “pork butt” is a lot funnier) and some onions and garlic, and turn the thing on low for 10 hours. Simple. Even if you didn’t have all the same spices, I’m sure you could just throw whatever you wanted in there. My friend Jon, who knows his way around a kitchen, recently told me, “You could put pork in a slow cooker for 10 hours with just salt and pepper and it would turn out amazing.” So really, whatever you feel like trying this with, I’m sure it would work. We just followed the recipe today though. Maybe next time we’ll mix it up.

We got all our ingredients ready last night. We mixed them up in the slow cooker and turned it on this morning before leaving for work. That should be just the right amount of time to have some tender pulled pork waiting for us when we get home. Slow cookers are pretty amazing.

pulled pork

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