Let the yellow shine in

I just can’t get enough yellow. I think it’s actually impossible to be grumpy when you’re looking at it! But it can be a very difficult color to work with. Yellow can easily go too highlighter or too put-on-your-sunglasses, which is overwhelming for a lot of spaces and a lot of people. Using yellow in small doses keeps a space feeling vibrant and exciting without hitting you over the head.

I love painted doors, and they are the perfect place for a super bright yellow. Either inside…


Or outside…


It’s also fun to find an unexpected pop of yellow in furniture…


And art…


However, if you’re feeling brave and love color, just go for it and inject an entire room with a super vibrant sunshine-y yellow, and I promise you could never be grumpy in this room!


What do you think? Would you ever want to live with that much yellow? We have A LOT of yellow in our house, and I have to say I never tire of it. Because we decided to paint a huge portion of our house yellow, we chose a soft, lemony shade that is bright without requiring sunglasses, but still adds the lightness and cheer that our dark house needs.

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One thought on “Let the yellow shine in

  1. I’m obsessed with yellow! I would paint my door yellow if I thought my landlord wouldn’t evict me.

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