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We got a new car!! We picked up our new Ford C-Max Hybrid last night after special ordering it about six weeks ago. Special ordering makes us sound so fancy, but it turns out it doesn’t cost any extra to order exactly what you want, as long as you’re ok with waiting. They made this car just for us, which is pretty awesome. We had to special order because there weren’t any cars available locally that met our specs (meaning, no black ones!).



So about the car…

It’s a hybrid. Yeah, we are so trendy. Our C-Max runs on both electric battery and gas. There is a plug-in version called the C-Max Energi but ours charges the battery when braking and when it is using the gasoline engine, so it doesn’t have to plug in. It transitions seamlessly from electric to gas as it needs to, and since it uses battery to start, it’s completely silent, no vroom when you turn on the engine, which is pretty cool and pretty weird the first few times. They say it’s supposed to get about 47 mpg, though we read that real-life testing is coming up a little under that. Either way that is WAY better than the two SUVs that we have now. Plus, it’s cute!

We’ll do a more in-depth post about it once we’ve had a chance to figure out all the buttons, but for now… YAY new car!!

*This is not me. Photo from Car & Driver.

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