Friday Favorites


FLAMINGO HATS! I need one immediately. I will wear it everywhere. And if I ever get arrested, I hope I’m wearing it in my mug shot. (via dailymail and Shana)

Did you catch the new NBC show “Camp” this week? I decided it’s a keeper, and I want to go to summer camp.

This gorgeous fish market in Australia reminds me a lot of Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt. (via 79 Ideas)

I want to eat everything The Pioneer Woman made on the “Frontier Fiesta” episode I watched on Food Network yesterday. Yummm. (via

Did you see the pictures of our new front yard?! Every time I look at it, I get happy all over again.

Have a great weekend, friends! We’re going to a banana-themed gender reveal party tomorrow that is going to be so great. Yay for babies and bananas!



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