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Sorry for all the lackluster posting this week. We had a ton of work and medical stuff going on, but everything is a-ok now. We should be back on track, and I have a bunch of fun things planned for next week, including a long-awaited update of our house and a DIY project that was a lot of fun. There have been SO MANY changes around here lately that I’m super anxious to share with you!

In the meantime, here’s a few of my favorite things this week:

  • This house-to-rent in Glen Arbor, Michigan looks amazing and has me really excited for our trip Up North in a few weeks. (Unfortunately, we’re not staying here, but we rented a place in the woods that looks cute.) { via Designtripper }

Have a great weekend friends! We’re excited for Ale Fest and Taste of Tremont, which are Saturday and Sunday, if I’m feeling better. Plus I just realized that today is our 14-month-iversary, so that’s exciting. I wonder where we should have dinner to celebrate… any suggestions?!

{ art by Matthew Taylor Wilson via Pinterest }

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