Surprise! It’s a murder mystery party

So this weekend Andy and I snuck out to Philadelphia for our friend Matt’s surprise birthday party…. and it was also a murder mystery party! We all had our character assignments ahead of time and came dressed up for the part. The setting was a 1920 speakeasy, with some serious mob connections. I was Donna Wannabe, a girl mostly interested in dating actors, and Andy played Big Bill Bumpkin, mayor of Chicago. I pretty much had no idea what was going on the whole time, but it didn’t matter. The entire night was hilarious and so much fun. Can you imagine walking into your sister’s house for what you think is a family dinner to find not only all your friends — several from out of town — but that they’re also all dressed up like flappers and gangsters?? So hilarious.

Here’s a couple of blurry iPhone pictures we took at the end of the night. (Why do we always remember to take pictures AFTER a party instead of before when we aren’t exhausted and slightly disheveled? Oh well, we’ll laugh at these forever.)

party1 party2

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