Friday Favorites

Some more pictures from our trip to the Leelanau Penninsula in MIchigan…

Cedar Sol Hydrofarm, a tiny little taco stand in the tiny little town of Cedar has some of the best tacos ever

Leland, Mich. is so cute

cherry ice cream is so yummy

sparkling cherry wine, donuts and magazines on the deck is the best way to start a day

And this is why this is the “Most Beautiful Place in America” …



Sigh. I want to go back.

A few other things I’m liking this week:

So supposedly our a/c is going to be hooked up today. As part of the new deck project, they had to relocate our air conditioning units, which means we’ve been without a/c for more than a week — a week that’s been super hot and humid, UGH. Fingers crossed for a good, COOL night’s sleep tonight! Have a great weekend everyone!!

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