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Everyone loves the new bed. But wouldn’t it just figure that as soon as we finish our headboard and get a fabulous new bed, temperatures soar into the near-triple digits, and we still don’t have air conditioning (ugh – I don’t even want to talk about that). We ended up having to sleep downstairs on the couch for two nights. When I checked on Tuesday afternoon, the current temperature was 99, and I don’t mean the “feels like” temp. Today’s high? 60. If everyone in Cleveland doesn’t come down with a cold simultaneously, it will be a miracle. But at least we got to sleep in the real bed last night! (And supposedly our a/c will be hooked up today, just in time to turn on the heat.)

Andy’s Favorite:

My favorite thing this week is Greensource, the company that built our deck and landscaped our yard. We will probably be talking about them in the future, sharing pictures of our deck and yard. So there will be more posts, but for now, I just want to give a big thanks to JD, Bob, and everyone at Greensource for doing an amazing job at our house. And if you are in the Cleveland area and looking for landscapers, they are highly recommended. By me. And Kerry.

Kerry’s Favorites: 

Reality Bites TV show? The movie came out around the time I was starting college and terrified me about my hopeless, jobless post-grad future. Not sure I’d watch this, but I might change my mind if there’s some Lisa Loeb. (via Girls of a Certain Age)

40 Days of Dating, aka the most addictive thing ever. Andy and I are considering a “40 Days of Marriage” spin-off that mostly involves us sitting on the couch watching TV.

Russel Brand hates Nazis. And this makes me like him a lot.

Have a great weekend everyone! I’m going to the Country Living Fair in Columbus and I AM SO EXCITED! Andy will be staying home to watch Breaking Bad. I think it’s a win-win for both of us.

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