It’s kitchen demo day

Today is the day! The crew just got here to start demolition of our kitchen. Over the weekend I got the whole kitchen and pantry packed up and moved out. The only things we’re keeping are the fridge and dishwasher, which we bought new when we moved in. I’m so excited to say goodbye to the awful laminate countertops and too-short cabinets, the plastic-y backsplash tiles and the peeling vinyl floor, the leaky faucet and the permanently stained sink.

kitchen cleared for demo | burritos and bubbly

The cats aren’t as excited as I am. I feel bad for them.

pantry cleared for demo | burritos and bubbly

The pantry has never looked so neat.

kitchen cleared for demo | burritos and bubbly

Goodbye 1980s kitchen!

kitchen cleared for demo | burritos and bubbly

And as if that’s not enough, there’s a separate crew here to replace some more wood on the exterior of the house… AND I have to finish painting our dining room… AND we’re having a party on Saturday… AND Andy is in bed with bronchitis. Oof. I’m really starting out my housewife career with a bang! I’m certainly not going to be bored.

(If you’ve forgotten what our plans are for the kitchen, check them out here and here.)

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4 thoughts on “It’s kitchen demo day

  1. New to your blog. Found it on a blogroll somewhere. Trolling I guess? LOL

    Anyways… I always wondered when people demo their kitchen or their only bathroom… what do you use? I mean how do you eat? If you don’t mind sharing or posting on that topic later that would be awesome. I assume a reputable company works fast but I really have no idea how fast or how people cope with the chaos in the meantime!

    1. Holly, this is a GREAT question. I’ll definitely write a post about this, maybe in a few days when I’ve had a chance to figure out what works for us. Thanks so much for reading!

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