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Wow, tomorrow is my last day of work. I can’t believe it. I’m taking a huge leap of faith and quitting my job to just see what happens next. It’s pretty scary but I’m also so excited to tackle all of the projects around the house that I’ve never had time for.

my housewife to-do list | burritos and bubbly

I can’t even decide which of these to do first!

  1. paint dining room
  2. redecorate dining room (new table, art, rug)
  3. paint living room
  4. paint guest room
  5. paint third floor stairs
  6. find new curtains for guest room
  7. clean out basement
  8. clean out attic storage
  9. refinish/paint office floors
  10. find a new desk for office
  11. refinish/paint craft room floors
  12. reorganize craft room
  13. find curtains for office
  14. find new rug for rumpus room
  15. refinish office closet
  16. refinish Andy’s bedroom closet
  17. paint Kerry’s bedroom closet
  18. find or make storage for Kerry’s closet
  19. hang art in the rumpus room
  20. paint coffee table
  21. hang art in bedroom
  22. create stairway gallery wall
  23. replant houseplants
  24. move all extra, unused furniture to storage
  25. organize the garage

Plus our huge kitchen/two bathrooms renovation project starts MONDAY! Phew, I’m certainly not going to be bored at home!

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