Where we’ve been: Cancun

Whoops, well that was an unplanned week off from the blog! If you follow either of us on Instagram, you probably saw that we sneaked away to Cancun for a few days. I really planned on having some posts scheduled before we left, but it just didn’t happen. Then our WiFi was less than reliable while we were there… not that we felt like sitting in front of a computer when THIS was our back yard…

Excellence Riviera Cancun | burritosandbubbly.com

We stayed at Excellence Riviera Cancun and had such a great time. Last year we went to sister resort Excellence Playa Mujeres for our mini-honeymoon right after our wedding, also in Cancun, so we decided to try something “the same but different” this year. Honestly, we both liked the Playa Mujeres location slightly better, but both resorts are amazing. Excellence really knows how to do luxury all-inclusive vacations.

Here’s a few snaps from our iPhones. I took my real camera and never felt like carrying it around!

Excellence Riviera Cancun | burritosandbubbly.com

We splurged a little on a pool-side room, so we could literally walk out the door and into the pool. We had a nice hammock and some lounge chairs, plus a hot tub we never used (there was a second one inside!) This is the pool outside our room.

Excellence Riviera Cancun | burritosandbubbly.com

The main pool with swim-up bar — in the early morning before anyone else got there.

Excellence Riviera Cancun | burritosandbubbly.com

The beach just after dawn.

Excellence Riviera Cancun | burritosandbubbly.com

The locals. This guy was huge.

Excellence Riviera Cancun | burritosandbubbly.com

We always end up matching!

Excellence Riviera Cancun | burritosandbubbly.com

And sometimes, after you’ve been eating delicious, fancy food for a few days, you just want to sit on the couch eating room-service nachos and watching Buffy on Netflix. Perfect.


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3 thoughts on “Where we’ve been: Cancun

  1. Seems like a great hotel to have a honeymoon or a perfect getaway!

    I´m planning a trip for my girlfriend and I and I think this would be a perfect fit!

    Thank you very much.

  2. It looks like a pretty great resort. I wonder if is still available right now, it´s been a while but I feel like I need an escape after all the lockdown.

    Hope you are doing great!

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