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Hi guys! I hope you all had a great weekend. We had a big “tailgating” party at our house yesterday with Andy’s whole family (yes, while our house is under construction — that’s never stopped us before!) and then all 15 of us went to the Cleveland Browns/Pittsburgh Steelers game. It was 25 degrees at game time, and snowing, and super windy, and the Browns lost, but we had a lot of fun. It was my first Browns game ever!

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Also, check out our new blog design!! We’ve been working on a makeover for Burritos & Bubbly for a long time, and were finally able to make some of the changes live over the weekend. We hope you like it!! Let us know what you think!

Now let’s move right along with our kitchen update, ok?? I know you really just want to see pictures of the kitchen!

So the last time I showed you the kitchen, the brand new wood floors had just gone in.

new kitchen floors | burritos and bubbly

The following week (when Burritos & Bubbly was still completely down from the server issues), our cabinets started to go in!

kitchen cabinets installed | burritos & bubbly kitchen cabinets installed | burritos & bubbly

(See the one above on the far left that’s solid? That’s a mistake. It’s supposed to be a glass door like the rest, but the cabinet company accidentally shipped the wrong one. It’ll be fixed soon.)

A few days later our microwave was installed. This was very exciting because it means we don’t have to heat up food in the bathroom anymore, which is just super awkward!

kitchen cabinets installed | burritos & bubbly

The next thing to be installed was our new stainless steel apron-front sink. No plumbing yet, but it’s sure pretty to look at! We told our contractor we wanted a farm-style apron-front sink in stainless steel and left it up to him to pick it out. We never even saw a picture of it before it was installed, but we’re very happy with his choice.

kitchen cabinets installed | burritos & bubbly

So that brings us through the middle of last week. What do you think? It’s really starting to look like a real kitchen, right?

Stay tuned for more kitchen updates soon!!

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