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It’s Friday! The sun is out! Our kitchen is closer to done! I finished painting the hallway! I’m so excited for this weekend. It’s finally “warm” enough for us to work on our upstairs bathroom again. It’s also my turn to pick our Netflix DVD to watch and I picked this! Bonjour Pareeeee! (I assume Andy will hate it.)

A couple pictures for your Friday enjoyment. First, Mocha, aka, the most photogenic cat in the world. I mean, come on. It’s ridiculous how cute she is. And then, ice cream. Sometimes it doesn’t matter that it’s 20-some degrees out, you just really need ice cream and you have a wonderful husband who says fine.




Here’s a few other things I loved this week:

I can’t stop watching trailers for Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. I’m trying to decide which character I want to be for Halloween this year. Oh, it’s only January? Well, you can’t start Halloween planning too early if you ask me!!

And in further Wes Anderson obsessing, how adorable is this Fantastic Mr. Fox-themed birthday party?

Cat vs. mailman. Maybe my favorite thing ever.

I want every single thing in Kate Spade’s new collection. Bring on the hot pink!! Bring on the no more snow!!

I’m putting Tokyo higher on my must-visit list after seeing Alix’s pictures of DisneySea.

This picture of the frozen Great Lakes is crazy. Some people may not agree, but I prefer sunshine even if it means being super cold, so frozen lakes is great news to me.

Have a great weekend, guys!! — Kerry

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