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Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!!

I got out my paints a few days ago and made valentines cards for my favorite girls. I had kind of forgotten how much fun it can be to paint… when you’re not painting a room! Plus it’s always fun to send something through the mail to a friend.

homemade valentines | burritos & bubbly

homemade valentines | burritos & bubbly

homemade valentines | burritos & bubbly

Andy and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day. We went to a nice dinner last weekend (Willeyville, very good, be sure to order the poutine), and we’ll be celebrating Andy’s birthday next week. Tonight we’ll have dinner at home, a bottle of bubbly (of course!) and watch Olympics because I am obsessed with Olympics. Have I mentioned how much I love Olympics??? haha

Maybe this weekend we’ll go out for something sweet!

pancakes from Jack Flaps, Cleveland

pancakes at Jack Flaps

crepe at La Petite Triangle, Cleveland

or a crepe at Le Petit Triangle

sundae at Sweet Moses, Cleveland

or a sundae with two spoons at Sweet Moses.

Honestly, though, we all know my kitties are my #1 valentines! Here’s Trixie in an extremely rare photo opp…




This is unrelated to Valentine’s Day but I just saw this video and it made me laugh so much. Cats rule.

Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Valentine’s Day! Love you guys! Thanks for reading!!

— Kerry

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