Happy Friday


So the other day I started to get worried… now that we’re sort of, kind of, closer-ish to done with our huge renovation, are we eventually going to run out of things to do?? So I sat down and started writing down all of the projects we still need to do just to get our kitchen and bathrooms done, and there were 23. Um. That doesn’t even count the other rooms we haven’t even started renovating! So, yay, keep reading because we’ll be going for a very long time!!

A few random things I loved this week:

I love this article about West Elm, one of our favorite brands.

There’s a pretty amazing giveaway from Chronicle Books over on DesignLoveFest right now.

Speaking of books, have you pre-ordered Will Taylor’s new book “Bright Bazaar: Embracing Color for Make-You-Smile Style” yet? I can’t wait!

I probably really need this crazy cat lady sweatshirt!!

On Burritos & Bubbly this week: 

Did you see our big master bathroom reveal?? Woowoo!

How to make DIY wainscoting out of plywood.

We started working on the “built-in” Billy bookcases in our pantry.


So what’s going on this weekend, guys? We have happy hours, dinners and brunches to go to, which is super exciting. I love how as soon as the snow starts to melt in Cleveland, we all rush out to make plans to see the friends we haven’t been able to hang out with in months. Yay for Spring!

I just have to share this picture. It’s not good, but it makes me laugh so much. We try to take a picture of ourselves every day, just so we have something to look back on, and laugh at, years from now. Mostly they’re not the best pictures, but it really doesn’t matter because they’re just for us. This one is hilarious because I started to fall back right as the shot was being taken, and Andy was holding me up!


Have a great weekend, friends!

— Kerry

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