Hello Spring!

Happy first day of spring! We made it! Ok, so here in Cleveland we all know we’re not out of the woods yet (I actually saw snow on the forecast for next week, boooo), but today I’m just going to be happy that officially it’s spring. Yay!

Planting anything outside is still a month or two away, but with rising temperatures and sunnier days, this spring has me dreaming about bringing some beautiful plants inside. Last summer we bought a couple of new houseplants that didn’t make it through the winter, even inside, since there’s just no sun whatsoever for months on end here. Ugh, I was so sad when my little lemon tree died. I know, a lemon tree died in Cleveland? Um, duh. But still! Heartbreaking! I’m a sucker for punishment, though, because I really want to try again.

Plants are such a great way to add color and life to a room. They just make you happy instantly. Plus, planters can be really fun accessories to buy or DIY. I love all of these.

Happy Interior Blog via Decor8

(I love the “I will survive!” via Decor8)

planter DIY via A Bubbly Life

(super cute DIY planter from A Bubbly Life)

via designlovefest

(lots of mix and match pots in Bri Emery’s living room, via designlovefest)

planter by Justina Blakeney

(hanging Jungalow Planter from Justina Blakeney)

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2 thoughts on “Hello Spring!

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your lemon plant! Do you know what caused its death? I have a bay tree that I brought inside this winter. It has done wonderful facing a south window. I just ordered a Meyer Lemon tree online and it should be here once it warms up. I plan to bring it inside next winter.

    1. Hi Holly! I’m really not sure what happened to our meyer lemon tree. It did really well over the summer and was growing some cute little lemons. I moved it inside to our sunniest room in the fall, and it did fine for a while. Then the leaves all started to fall out and eventually we had to admit that it was beyond hope. I’m not sure if our lack of sunshine was a factor, or if I under or over watered it, which is very likely. I was thinking I might invest in a grow light next winter to see if that helps. I definitely plan on getting a new one and trying again. It was such a pretty plant.

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