Happy Friday


So Mother Nature was laughing at all of us at the beginning of the week, when we were hanging out on the back porch with short sleeves on. Haha, she said, suckers! And then it snowed. Oh, Mother Nature, you and your sick, sick jokes.

But what’s the best way to distract yourself from crappy weather and a super stressful work week? Vacations! So we’ve booked ourselves a few awesome trips this year, and it’s really exciting. Take that, Mother Nature! So we’ll be off to California soon, Traverse City this summer, and in the fall Dublin, Paris and Zurich. Even better, we’re using points to do most of it. Yay to not spending money!

Do you guys have any fun vacations planned this year? I really think vacationing is our favorite thing in the world. Even when we say we’re going to try to stay home, we just can’t do it. There’s way too much to see in the world, and we want to see all of it!


Have a great weekend, friends! Happy Easter!


(first photo, our backyard on Tuesday; second photo, the new Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt in Ohio City — both photos by Kerry)

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