Happy Friday




Just a few photos from lately… 1. We walked over to the Hingetown Flea last weekend to get our hands on some Cleveland Bagel Co. Mmmm, yummmm. // 2. I walked into the room the other day and found Mocha sitting in front of the laptop like this. Clearly she had a lot of work to do. // 3. We’ve been making waffles every weekend lately. The strawberries are so good right now.

For the last couple weeks we’ve been working hard on our yard, front and back, and I love to see it coming together, finally. I don’t know how such a small yard creates such a huge amount of work! It’s actually kind of fun, though. It’s looking like we’ll have another gorgeous weekend in Cleveland, so I’m sure we’ll be out there planting and mulching and digging some more. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday!!

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