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Hi guys! Well happy Monday to you! We had a GREAT weekend and I hope you did, too. One of the things we did this weekend was have some friends over to help us move a ton of furniture around, including taking a bunch of old things out to the garage so we can sell or donate them later. And by “us” I mean, I watched the cats and shopped for rugs online while the boys moved incredibly heavy things like a piano that weighs as much as a house. Oh, spoiler alert: we moved the piano! We’ll show you where it went soon!

As you may remember from the rumpus room plans I shared a couple of weeks ago, we’re hoping to replace our area rug, so I’ve been doing a lot of online rug shopping lately. I’m really inspired by all of the modern interpretations of traditional Moroccan, Persian and Indian rugs that are available now. From kilims to beni ourains to boucheroites to dhurries in every color imaginable, it’s a great time to go rug shopping.

Here’s a few of my favorite rugs.

roundup of pretty rugs | Burritos & Bubbly

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

Which one is your favorite? I am in love with that hot pink vintage Moroccan boucherouite, #six. What a gorgeous rug, right?! But it’s nowhere near our budget, and, well, we don’t really need a hot pink rug… unfortunately! Something like #three and #four are what I want for the rumpus room, to keep the colors really light. What do you think??

— Kerry


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