Friday Favorites

Quidditch World Cup by Caroline HP Art

Happy World Cup! (print by Caroline HP Art on Etsy) But let’s be serious, I know more about quidditch than soccer.

Some other things I’m loving this week:

Dear Kitten… so good!

Indigo shibori is super trendy right now… aka fancy tie-die. I love the back of this Madewell dress.

Did you hear the good news?? Butter isn’t bad for us anymore!! Woowoo!! (For now.)

And speaking of delicious things, I tried to convince Andy that we need some popsicle molds and he didn’t fall for it. But maybe THIS prettiness will help change his mind.

So what’s going on this weekend, you guys? We’re going to (finally) finish painting the rumpus room and then help some friends celebrate their brand new home. I also have a bunch of craft projects that I’m itching to get started on — and share with you! It looks like it’s going to be a great weekend! Have fun!

— Kerry

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