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Happy (almost) summer solstice! In Fairbanks, Alaska, where I grew up, June 21st was the most exciting day of the year. It’s the day the sun doesn’t set! I’ll never forget the pure joy that I had as a little kid feeling like the day just never had to end. That’s how all summer days should feel.

This weekend we’re heading to Michigan for my high school reunion. Eek! No, I actually think it’s going to be a lot of fun. We moved from AK to MI when I was 13, so I went to 8th-12th grade in a tiny little country town, which is really the best way to grow up in my opinion. I haven’t been back in many years, so I’m looking forward to seeing my hometown and everyone I haven’t talked to in a very long time. There’s really something comforting about being so many years removed that I just don’t remember or care anymore about silly high school stuff. Now it can just be fun, and that’s pretty great.

Here’s a few things I’m loving today:

Do you know what I love?? BABY GOATS! Even better? JUMPING BABY GOATS! I watched this so many times. I especially love the goat at about 0:23 that gets a little freestyle fancy.

Lemons! LEMONS! Dress of the week.

I have total houseplant envy of the house featured in the latest Covent Garden magazine.

Andy emailed this to me and said, “we’re killing it”: 10 Habits of Happy Couples. #7 and #8 are key.

Have a great weekend, friends!

— Kerry

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