Happy Friday

It’s me, Andy. I’ll be covering this week’s edition of Happy Friday. Here’s what we’ve been obsessed with this week:

1. Two Dots. Hard to believe but Kerry saw this as a Twitter ad and was intrigued. She downloaded the game, showed it to me, and we’ve both been hooked ever since. It’s a super simple concept (connect the same color dots to form lines) but it gets really complex and difficult. It’s free. You can buy upgrades if you want but I’ve gotten to level 61 without spending a dime. There has also been a lot of me swearing at my phone. Stupid dots! So good.

2. Platform Beer Co. The area of Cleveland where we live is called Ohio City, or as I have recently dubbed it, “Brewhio City.” (I’m trademarking that, by the way) Within a 10 minute walk from our house, there are 4 micro breweries. The newest one, which opened on July 4th, is Platform Beer Co. Rather than just being another brewery, Platform is run by people who own a home brew supply shop, and they’re going to be helping people get their home brews off the ground, and even let locals feature their home brews on draft. It’s a really cool concept, and our first visit there was a great time.

Platform Beer Co. | Burritos and Bubbly

3. Speaking of video games, I beat Final Fantasy VII this week. The game was released in 1997. I played it once in 1998, maybe. I can’t remember. For some reason I got the urge to play it a few months ago. I downloaded it and put about 55 hours into it on my Playstation 3. I finally beat it after weeks of Kerry getting annoyed by 1997 midi-music. Now it’s on to something new. Final Fantasy IX is only $10 online … or should I go for X? Or maybe something released in the last decade?

 — Andy

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