Plans for the living room

So in this big old house our main floor is broken up into a bunch of small rooms — including a large entryway, a dining room, a rumpus (TV) room, and a formal living room. It’s that formal living room that we just never know what to do with. We don’t even know what to call it! The living room? The parlor? The reading room? That room we never go in? We usually just call it The Pink Room… because, well, it’s pink. For now.

pink living room

I mentioned on Monday that we’ve decided to paint this room WHITE. This was a super tough decision to make because I really love the pink. I mean, piiiiiiink! But it’s time for a change. We debated a lot of different colors but ultimately white was our favorite. Since the living room gets the best light, white is a great choice to keep the room feeling bright and open. The dark furniture, woodwork and art will really pop against white walls.

pink living room

We like the idea of keeping this room “formal” but with a typical Kerry & Andy twist. Antique meets new meets maybe a little bit silly. Oh, and we’re selling the daybed (DO YOU WANT A DAYBED?!).

pink living room

So that’s about where our plan ends. We know we want to paint the walls, move some things around, and then eventually figure out what the heck else we want to do.

Do you have any ideas??

— Kerry

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3 thoughts on “Plans for the living room

    1. I like the idea of having an office space so close to the rest of the action (and the kitchen!), but we have our office space upstairs. I’m thinking we’ll turn it into a sort of library with a couple of chairs?

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