Happy Friday

trixieYay Friday! I’m very excited because I get my hair cut today, which is always my favorite. And I think it’s time to go back to bangs. Every few months I must cut my bangs… and then grow them out and then cut them again… It’s like the changing of the tides, a constant cycle. Andy gets his hair cut tomorrow. We’re going to be so cute. So that’s what we’re up to this weekend, besides packing and hopefully doing quite a bit of lounging. I’m really in the mood to just lounge. Sounds wonderful, right? What are you guys doing this weekend??

Here’s a few links to start your weekend with:

Ha! Andy has this shirt!

I am IN LOVE with the ASOS Holiday 2014 collection, especially slide #73. It’s perfectly ridiculous and exactly like something I would have to have (and never wear in real life).

But I do want to wear that while drinking bubbly in any one of these glasses. (I mean, I’d drink bubbly in a plastic cup, if we’re being honest, but a pink vintage coupe would be much prettier.)

And while we’re talking about fashion, have you heard of The Fashion Project? I stumbled on it through Pinterest the other day. You can buy gently used designer clothes and accessories at huge discounts, and then a portion of the proceeds goes to the donator’s charity of choice. Kind of brilliant.

Since we’re thinking a lot about travel around here right now, I love MontgomeryFest’s top ten travels list. We’ve been to two so far, so I’m adding a bunch of these to our someday list. What’s on your list?

I realize this may just be me nerding out, and you’re probably totally judging me and thinking I’m such a dork right now (I minored in Anthropology and Native American Studies), but oh my goodness, this Smithsonian article is so so so fascinating. It’s long but it’s totally worth it. And seriously, this HAS to be on an episode of Bones, right?

(This picture of Trixie has nothing to do with anything, other than it makes me laugh.)

Have a great weekend!!

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