S’mores party ideas

Every summer Andy and I say that we’re going to throw a s’mores party, and now that my house (and tummy!) is full of s’mores marshmallows, I can’t stop thinking about it. We have the party all planned out, down to the different toppings and flavor combos that we’re going to offer in our fancy build-your-own-s’mores bar… But every summer we just don’t do it. Probably because the only place we have to roast marshmallows right now is our gas grill, and picturing our friends circling around our grill is just sad. Maybe next summer we’ll get a fire pit and throw a legit s’mores party. In the meantime, we’ll keep daydreaming. Here are some decor ideas for your own s’mores party.

s'mores party ideas, Burritos and Bubbly

1. red adirondack chair, Lowe’s, $17.98 // 2. FUN CAMPFIRE STORIES, Amazon, $12.58 // 3. red gingham plates, Party City, $2.90 for 8 // 4. Pendleton blanket, $189 // 5. Red Hurricane Camping Kerosene Lantern, Amazon, $14.73 // 6. marshmallow-roasting sticks, Target, $22.99 // 7. fire pit, Amazon, $180.50

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