Thanksgiving (+ Puppy)

puppyWe are in NYC for a couple of days visiting friends. We’re calling it our puppymoon — the last vacation before puppy. We’ll be home in time for some turkey dinner (or mostly for the stuffing!) … and then we get to bring home our new puppy! (Isn’t she adorable?!) Don’t forget — you have until midnight on Thursday to enter the puppy-naming giveaway for a chance to win a $50 Target giftcard! Stay tuned next week to find out what we’ve named her — or follow us on Instagram and Facebook for a sneak peek!

We want to wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving. We are so very thankful for every kind comment, like and follow, and every time you decide to take time out of your day to read Burritos and Bubbly. Thank you! We appreciate it more than words can say. Happy Thanksgiving!

♥ Kerry + Andy

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