Behind the Scenes

Every-ish Friday I like to share a few “behind the scenes” photos with you, just a few random peeks into our every day lives. Mostly puppy related at this point. Sometimes I’ll share links. Sometimes I won’t have time. But I think it’s fun to kind of see who we really are… because we’re all friends here, right? :)


This photo of Ruby surrounded by her toys cracks me up.

puppy teeth

These puppy teeth, though. The worst. They have destroyed most of my clothes at this point, not to mention my hands.

Ruby's new coat

Doesn’t she look adorable in her new red coat? She actually doesn’t seem to mind wearing it at all, which makes me very happy. I love a dog in clothes. Next up: boots. She can barely go outside in this cold because her feet hurt so much.

behind the scenes of the BBB

I loved watching the process of creating and photographing styled shoots, live, at the Boutique Bridal Bazaar last weekend. It was such a fun day.

best day ever

Best day ever! Ahh, nautical is my favorite and this cake by Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes at the BBB is the cutest!!

Ruby’s new trick! It took her approximately 1.5 seconds to learn this. We’ve raised the bar since then and she’s still flying over, the little jumping bean.


And because I had a little extra time this week while Ruby slept, a couple links to read, enjoy and think about…

I love love love what Cassandra of Coco+Kelley said about personal style: “Don’t be intimidated. Don’t be boring. Be engaged. And thus, engaging. Shove past the mutual love (or distain) of pineapple motifs and all-white rooms. Find something new buried there that you have in common. Or didn’t even know about. Or that you’re uncomfortable with. There you will find new inspiration, new ideas, new things to motivate you.”

Holly at Decor8 had something similar to say while talking about leaving safe behind: “We have so many choices now in the design world at all price points, so why does it feel sometimes like we’re all shopping from the same catalog?” Um. True. And I think that’s the West Elm catalog, specifically. I’m totally guilty.


Have a wonderful weekend, friends! It’s supposed to warm up a little here (yay 40s!). I think we all have a bad case of cabin fever, so I’m looking forward to getting outside in some slightly warmer weather. But also, we have to shop for hallway carpet. Boo.

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