Last-Minute Printable Valentine’s Card + Friday Links

"you're the best" free printable card from Burritos and Bubbly!Hey, you guys, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! As much as I think this holiday is silly, I just love sending cards to my favorite girls, all elementary school style. I whipped up this little watercolor-inspired card, so if you need a last-minute card for yourself, I’ve attached the pdf here that you can feel free to download and print it out! Just click below.


A few links we’ve liked this week:

So tell us all about your Valentine’s Day plans!

We’re doing something kind of funny… we’re going to Hofbrauhaus, a new-ish German beer garden in downtown Cleveland. Romance shmomance. Beer and pretzels are so much better. Besides, I already bought myself some flowers!

Have a great weekend!!

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