Style: All You Need Is Pink

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that people love to hate. It’s kind of silly, and unless you have some super romantic plans (which I most certainly do not), it’s just another lame-o day. But! The PINK!

I just can’t hate on Valentine’s Day because it brings with it so much pink, and cheer, and hope that Spring will someday come. It makes me happy. I love the hearts, the cards, the candies, and, well, mostly the pink. I’m getting so sick of the blacks and greys that I’ve been wearing for the last few months, and I’m finding myself looking for bright, cheerful things to add to my wardrobe, or even a new iPhone case, because iPhones need clothes too.

From the barest blush to the feistiest fuchsia, here’s a few things I’m loving right now…

all you need is pink | Burritos and Bubbly

1. jacket, ASOS | 2. dress, ASOS | 3. ballet flats, Gap | 4. satchel, Target
5. iPhone case, | 6. clutch, H&M

What about you… are you a Valentine’s lover or a hater?

— Kerry

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