Behind the Scenes

behindthescenes2You may have seen this picture on Instagram, that our little Ruby is sick with bronchitis. She’s on antibiotics and should be all better in a couple days. For now, she’s mostly just sleepy (which isn’t the worst thing for me, to be honest!).

behindthescenes5While Ruby was at daycare this week (you know, catching germs, as one does at daycare), the cats came out to play. Literally. Trixie was soooo happy when she had a chance to play with her toys in peace. She pretty much just rolled around with a big pile of toys for like 15 minutes.


Meanwhile, Mocha only wanted to be a burrito. It’s cold out there!

I look forward to weekends so much because we can get a ton of stuff crossed our to-do list with both of us home, dividing and conquering. This weekend it’s finishing up our laundry room and starting to build a new computer desk. Hopefully we’ll have the laundry room reveal for you next week, and I’m so excited for you to see it. Have a great weekend, friends!

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